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In addition to offering a wide range of tenancy options, the Amstelgebouw is provided with many facilities.

Elegant reception

The main entrance gives access to an attractive and elegant reception. The facade is almost entirely comprised of glass, giving the entrance a light and airy feel. Amstelgebouw welcomes its visitors with open arms. This stylishly furnished reception features a staffed reception desk. The whole entrance area has the pleasant atmosphere of a hotel lobby.

Meeting room

Located immediately beyond the entrance and near the elevators is a meeting place where you can welcome your visitors. This meeting place is luxuriously and elegantly furnished.

Company restaurant

The Amstelgebouw consists of a main building and several wings. These wings are connected on the ground floor via a multi-functional restaurant. The various amenities provided here include modern restaurant services, conference facilities, mobile workstations, and various meeting rooms.

Since 1 January 2012 the restaurant in Amstelgebouw is operated by the Vermaat Group. Specifically for Amstelgebouw they developed the 'Seasons' concept and created different atmospheres and multi-purpose rooms. The restaurant is divided into two areas and besides a restaurant/cafeteria also contains an espresso bar.

Conference facilities

The building has an excellent conference centre. Tenants can make use of a variety of facilities that feature modern equipment as well as extensive catering options.

Other amenities

Besides the amenities mentioned above, the building contains many other facilities such as showers and loading/unloading docks. Tenants are offered the possibility to have their logo on the facade building.