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Delivery level

The Amstelgebouw is superbly finished and has a high quality level of delivery. Among other facilities the building and/or the office spaces are delivered with:
- An attractive restaurant;
- Modern conference facilities;
- Nursing mothers’ room;
- Dry cleaning service;
- Seven lifts;
- An underground parking garage with 389 parking spaces;
- Flexibly dividable and column free spaces to rent;
- Windows that can be opened;
- High-quality chilled ceilings, including lighting;
- Sufficient toilet groups per floor;
- Heat and cold generation;
- Air treatment;
- Design conditions for climate control;
- Electrical installations SERs;
- Two emergency generators;
- Security system;
- Certified data cabling;
- Glass fibre.

If you have questions about the delivery level or other matters, please contact one of the brokers.