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Energy label A

The past few years Amstelgebouw has upgraded itís durability and therefore was rewarded with energy label A in January 2012, issued by Agentschap NL. This label stands for a high level of energy efficiency, which normally only new buildings achieve. Tenants benefit directly from reduced energy costs, while enjoying high levels of comfort. This is the result of several clever techniques used for cooling and heating the building.

The basis for the high-performance can be traced back to the good constructional quality of the building. During the past few years installations were replaced, with specific attention to energy efficiency. For instance high efficiency heat recovery and hybrid cooling equipment were installed, as well as energy efficient lighting fixtures. Office areas are cooled by high quality cooling ceilings. The replacement of the old heating unit started towards the end of 2011 and gas heating pumps were installed. High quality cooling ceilings and individual regulation optimize the level of comfort.

A pdf file of the official energy label can be downloaded here