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The New Way of Working

Because people and society change, the role and way of working also change. Modern technology now makes it possible to work in a new way. With this new way of working, the need for flexibility is a key driving force. In the New Way of Working, the employee is the focal point, and he is given the space and freedom to determine how he works, where he works, when he works, what he works with, and who he works with. The aim is to create a better work/life balance, to work more effective and above all to make work more enjoyable for both the organisation and the employee.

This new way of working places demands on the work environment. The quality of the work environment influences the way people work together, the employees’ culture, their sense of responsibility, and their motivation. To allow employees to perform at their best, the work environment needs to be experienced as pleasant.
The Amstelgebouw offers an attractive work environment where people feel comfortable. In addition to its ideal accessibility, ease of parking, and lively surroundings, the building has a number of features that make working in the Amstelgebouw pleasant and comfortable. The building has several places where people can meet, work, drink coffee, or hold meetings.

The office spaces are equipped with modern facilities, and are arranged in a practical and flexible way, which provides for an inspiring environment. Whatever your needs, the Amstelgebouw has an answer that fits.